How To Age Whiskey Quickly (In 5 Steps or Less)

Whiskey is a spirit that is aged over time to bring out its flavor and complexity. However, sometimes people want to age their whiskey quickly for whatever reason. Although we agree, when you know what does whiskey aging do to whiskey, we want to age it faster. However, there is no way to truly speed up the aging process, there are some tricks and techniques that can help you age whiskey faster than normal.

1. Use The Right Whiskey

The first step to aging whiskey quickly is to start with a higher proof whiskey. A higher proof whiskey can help speed up the aging process as the alcohol content helps to extract flavors from the wood. Additionally, higher proof whiskeys are usually more expensive, so make sure you’re getting a good deal when you buy.

2. Use The Right Barrels

The second step is to use smaller barrels. Smaller barrels allow for more surface area contact between the whiskey and the wood which will help to extract flavor more quickly. You can buy small barrels online, but keep in mind that they will need to be treated and sealed before use.

3. The Right Enviornment

The third step is to store your whiskey in a warm, dry place. A warm, dry environment will speed up the aging process because the alcohol will be able to extract more flavor from the wood. Make sure the temperature is between 55-65°F (13-18°C) and there is no humidity.

4. Rotate Your Barrels

The fourth step is to rotate the barrels. Rotating the barrels will help ensure that all of the whiskey is exposed to the wood, which will help speed up the aging process.

5. Add Flavor

Finally, you can add flavor agents to your whiskey. This is a controversial topic, as it goes against the traditional approach to whiskey making, but some people use flavor agents to help speed up the aging process. This can be done by adding oak chips, charred oak cubes, or other flavor agents to the barrels.

While these techniques can help to speed up the aging process of whiskey, it’s important to note that nothing can truly replicate the aging process and the flavors that are achieved through time. If you’re looking to age your whiskey quickly, be sure to follow these steps and be prepared to sacrifice some of the complexity and flavor that comes with traditional aging.

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